When you think of the Allison Redford days what comes to mind? Corrupt backroom deals? Patronage appointments? Red Toryism? 

This corruption eroded public trust, and led to the downfall of almost half a century of Conservative government in Alberta, and friends it appears as if this corruption is rearing it’s ugly head once more. It would appear that the spectre of Redford has once again manifested itself in the politics and personality of one Doug Schweitzer. 

Shady Schweitzer took the provincial scene by storm back in 2017 with his calculated but ultimately un winnable bid for leader of the newly minted United Conservative Party. Upon coming in a distant third (7%), Schweitzer set his sights on the nomination for the Calgary Elbow provincial riding. This nomination battle was textbook in its corrupt execution, and the question remains whether or not Schweitzer could have won without these heavy handed tactics, without gross mischaracterization, or without thumbing his nose at the financial regulations in place. 

By the time the election drew to a close, with a UCP victory imminent, it was an open secret Doug Schweitzer was a shoe in for the Justice Minster portfolio, an ironic choice to say the least. With all said and done, with our antagonist now a minister of the crown, it was time for Shady Schweitzer to pay back the wealthy friends who got him there; with big money donors like Steve Allen taking on patronage appointments - a $905,000.00 contract - with at $290,000.00 salary for Allen alone - and rewarding sole source contracts in the hundreds of thousands to businesses friendly to his campaign, all on the taxpayers dime. And if this cronyism wasn’t enough, to this day Justice Minister Schweitzer lies, denies, and mischaracterizes his relationships with these big wigs. Truly ironic isn’t it?

Schweitzer is such an ethically challenged individual that it almost goes without saying he’s equally as morally compromised. But is that the case? During Shady Schweitzer’s campaign for leader he once quipped that it was “time to redefine what it means to be a conservative”  perhaps what he meant was it was time to ditch the label of Conservative entirely. With his “new blue” campaign a Schweitzer government would govern from the left socially and from the right economically. Which is all well and good until one examines these socially leftward policies. Divisive policies like eliminating the fabled gender wage gap, or mandating GSA’s in schools across Alberta. These anti-Conservatives policies lost him the leadership race yes, but as Justice Minister tasked with among other things enforcing social order in Alberta, it is a troubling thought to imagine any of these anti family policies becoming the law of the land. 

Friends, the bottom line is that Shady Schweitzer is undeserving of the public trust he welds,  Doug Schweitzer is a man without integrity, without civility, and without morality; and quite frankly he is no better than the criminals his ministry apprehends. 

Albertans deserve better than the corrupt influence peddlers of the past, demanding as much when they fired the last batch of crooked Conservatives. But this doesn’t have to be a repeat of history, he shouldn’t get away with all this, which is why it’s time to take out the trash, it’s time to scrap Schweitzer, 

Jason Kenney has promised to introduce recall legislation.  Share with us your experiences about this poor excuse for an MLA and Minister on the form below.  We can make Shady Schweitzer the first example of recall in Alberta.


it’s time to #DumpDoug.